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Team Finland in Lithuania and Belarus

The Team Finland network promotes Finland's external economic relations and country brand, the internationalisation of Finnish companies as well as foreign investment directed at Finland. Its aim is to intensify cooperation between Finnish players in these sectors.

The core of the Team Finland network consists of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as the publicly funded organisations and overseas networks whose performance they oversee. The Team Finland network is steered by the Government. More than 70 local teams around the world handle its activities abroad.

Fundamental changes in the global economy have led to a situation in which the well-being of Finns depends ever more strongly on matters outside Finland's borders. We must be able to influence the operating environment abroad, and to support the making of choices abroad that are advantageous to us. We can accomplish this best through cooperation.

Objectives of the Team Finland network in Lithuania

The purpose of the Team Finland network in Lithuania is to help Finnish companies obtain more information about operational opportunities on target markets. The aim is to make Finland better known and encourage Lithuanians to invest in Finland. To this end, it will be of paramount importance to use various channels, including promotion projects and different kinds of seminars and cultural cooperation, to make Finnish society and its areas of expertise better known in Lithuania.

Lithuania is interested in the development model of Finnish society, in Finland’s high level of education, technological know-how and innovation, as well as in the progress made by Finland in other areas, such as environment protection and energy conservation. In Lithuania, Finland is identified with quality, innovation and efficiency. This perception also includes trustworthiness, creativity and equality. Finnish expertise is highly valued. Finland has much potential on these markets; for instance, cooperation in the energy and environmental sector.

As regards business investment plans, it will be crucial to have access to up-to-date analyses of the operating environment compiled on the basis of various sources. For this reason, assorted networking and other events, held for companies in both Finland and Lithuania, will be important.

For companies, Lithuania is also an important gateway to Belarus.

Contact person for Team Finland in Lithuania

Ms. Maria Ågren, Counsellor
Tel. +370 5 266 8010
Embassy of Finland, Vilnius
email address: maria.agren(at)

Team Finland partners in Lithuania

Objectives of the Team Finland network in Belarus

Finland’s achievements in the fields of economy, technology and education are valued in Belarus. Finland is perceived as the reference country in many sectors. The image of Finland is generally good, although Belarusians know rather little about Finland. Finnish brands have had a good reception in Belarus since the Soviet era and Finnish products are considered quality products.

Through Team Finland cooperation, Finland strives to increase commercial cooperation with the host country in areas seen as having the greatest potential.

Contact person for Team Finland in Belarus

Mr Lauri Pullola, Minister Counsellor
Tel. +375 17 226 5540
Liaison Office of Finland, Minsk
email address: lauri.pullola(at)

Team Finland partners in Belarus

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