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Finland has introduced visa and border checking procedures in accordance with the Schengen Agreement. A visa issued by one Schengen State entitles its holder to travel and stay in territories of all Schengen States. Citizens of a country subject to a visa requirement (such as Belarussians) must always have a visa while travelling in the territory of Schengen States.

Finland represented by Estonia in Minsk

For the purpose of issuing visas, Finland is represented by Estonia in Minsk.

Visa applications can be submitted:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 - 13.00, groups 13.00-14.00. For appointment to submit applications of groups (tourism, companies, cultural or sports events etc.) please call us +370 17 217 7060 (from Monday to Friday 9.00-11.00 and 15.00-17.00) or contact us by e-mail:
  • Issuing of visas: 15.00 - 16.00

Visa Application Forms (Application form for a Schengen visa can also be pre-filled online.)

Embassy of Estonia
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A complete list of the countries whose citizens are exempt from the visa requirement can be found on the web pages of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. If a traveller has a residence permit issued by one of the Schengen States, he or she does not need a visa while travelling in the Schengen territory. In this case, the residence permit functions as if its holder had a visa entitling the holder to a stay of 90 days.

A visa is a permit, issued for travelling purposes, to enter the Schengen territory and stay there for a short period, that is, for the duration of the validity of the visa. The visa entitles its holder to stay in one or more Schengen States continuously or in several periods during the validity of the visa, but for no longer than 90 days during the six months following his/her single, two-times or multiple entry into the Schengen territory.

In the visa application the applicant should specify the desired validity period of the requested visa and the number of trips he/she wishes to make. Finland issues visas in accordance with international law, legislation and regulations and thus the application for a visa does not automatically guarantee that a visa will be granted.

The Schengen visa is applied primarily at the embassy or consulate of the main destination country.  For example, if business or holiday trip or visiting of relatives takes place in other Schengen State, the Embassy of Finland cannot issue a visa, although the journey to the main destination country would take place via Finland. If there is no main destination country and/or if several Schengen States are to be visited during the same journey, the visa may be applied for at the embassy of the country, which is the first point of entry.

For a visa application to be considered, the applicant must have a completed and signed application form, 1 passport photo (colour) , valid and approved travel document (valid for at least three months after the planned trip), documentation establishing the purpose of the intended stay, sufficient funds for subsistence and travel insurance. The travel insurance must be valid for the whole period of the intended stay and cover the whole Schengen territory. It must cover costs caused by sudden illness and accident, including a patient's transport home (also in the case of death) up to the amount of 30,000 euros. Furthermore, there must be no deductible in the insurance policy. All travellers, including children, must have travel insurance.

For visa application instructions in the Russian language please visit the web-page of the Embassy of Finland in Moscow:

Visa application forms

Summer seasonal workers

Only berry, fruit and vegetable pickers whose employment relationship lasts for a maximum of three months may work in Finland without a residence permit. If they come from a country whose citizens are required to have a visa, they must obtain one from a Finnish embassy. For citizens of Belarus visa applications for searonal work can be submitted only at the Embassy of Finland in Moscow.

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