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K. Kalinausko g. 24, 2nd floor
LT-03107 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +370 5 266 80 10
Liaison Office of Finland, Minsk
Revolutsionnaya 15, 220 030 Minsk, Belarus
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Residence of Ambassador

The building on No. 15 K. Kalinausko str. was built in 1910-1911 on Tauras hill, in the former Populianka suburban area. In 1935 a brick fence with the gates was erected alongside the road.


The building designers were A. Filipovicius-Dubovikas (in 1910) and J. Smorginskis (in 1935). The original owner was Ana Vilnevic (in 1910-1911), Z. Gecevicius (in 1911-1920), S.Geceviciute (in 1920-1929) and A. Gerasimiuk (in 1929-1940) financed and built the building.

The building was originally constructed as a residence and was used as such until 1940. The allotment includes a few of neighboring properties (which were used until 1862). The land originally belonged to Meisner. Ana Vilnevic bought the property from him and contracted architect A. Filipovic-Dubovnikas to design and build a private domestic dwelling (the house was originally given No. 11).

There is some confusion about this history as others say that No. 15 K. Kalinausko str. was originally a Women's Hospital (maternity and gynecology) (its area 245 m²). The Government took over the property by Order No. 546 on December 20, 1940. The hospital was closed down and all documents lost. In 1952 the building was used by Stalin town district Art Board. However, it is widely believed that a KGB operational division was also based there, but there are no records to verify this.

The Finnish Government bought the building as an embassy residence in 1992. In 1995 major repairs and restoration was carried out, the mezzanine floor was added then. During reconstruction human remains were uncovered. It is presumed they are from a Lutheran Evangelic and Calvinist cemetery dating from 19th century.

No.15 K.Kalinausko str. is a two story residential building with the cellar. Allotment covers 318.93 m² area. Total area is 832.6 m², building length is 16.8 m, width 18.65 m and height 10.3 m, its volume is 3618 m³. The estate is surrounded by a brick wall with a maintenance shed on the Northern boundary. The entrance is from K. Kalinausko street with lamp lit pathway extending from the gates through garden to the building entrance.

The building is a typical example on neo classical architecture. The interior is presented in early 20th century Art Nouveau style with parquet floor, glazed ornamental tile stoves, decorative cast fragments, metal-plastic elements. During reconstruction, every effort was made to restore the building and interior in accordance with original design.

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