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News, 6/15/2018

The start of the Global Affairs Launch in the Embassy of Finland – how to make Lithuanian Factories Succeed Globally

CEO Edward Blomstedt, Amb. Christer Michelsson and Vice-Minister of Economy Gintaras Vilda
CEO Edward Blomstedt, Amb. Christer Michelsson and Vice-Minister of Economy Gintaras Vilda

Two days ago AirFaas (short for Air + Factory as a Service) held it´s first global launch meeting at the Embassy of Finland in Vilnius. A meeting with the sole purpose to give Lithuanian factories a helping hand to reach out globally for better business.

Participants were industry celebrities, as well as the Ambassador of Finland, Christer Michelsson, Vice-Minister of Economy, Gintaras Vilda, The Dean of the University of Vilnius, Tomas Davulis, a large number of curious Lithuanian factories and of course Edward Blomstedt, the founder and the CEO of AirFaas.

So, what happened during the launch? It was all about how to connect factories to the digital bloodstream. To join a platform. To learn from successful B2C companies like Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Uber etc...

Connecting to global businesses through the digital ecosystems of AirFaas, a portal that allows global companies to manufacture their machines and components in Lithuania, without owning their own factories, production equipment or having production workers.

On a global level AirFaas connects manufacturers and factories worldwide, like an Airbnb for factories.

A number of factories saw the win-win opportunity for the business, but also for the environment already at the presentation, and joined the AirFaas platform.

The event in Vilnius was the very first part of the global launch of AirFaas. So why was Vilnius chosen for a global launch?

AirFaas mother company, Combi Works, already works with around 50 Lithuanian factories. And some of the pilot cases showcased at have been tested during five years to ensure the reliability of the AirFaas ecosystem are in fact production from Lithuanian factories.

And, just as important – the heart of AirFaas, the digital platform that controls the global ecosystem of AirFaas, was developed and is operated daily from AirFaas Lithuanian digital center in Vilnius.

- According to AirFaas founder and CEO, Edward Blomstedt, Lithuania has been a vital part for the success of AirFaas. “It was a very natural decision to do the first part of the global launch in Vilnius.”

Edward Blomstedt is full of confidence facing the future of AirFaas. “Someone asked me one year ago where we will be in ten years. I told him that AirFaas will be one of the worlds 50 largest companies. I am even more convinced of that today”, he said.

-What we will do as pioneers in Business to Business is the same as the leading global consumer platforms pioneered, starting just a few years ago.

-And the power of having Lithuanian factories as partners is a win-win situation for all parties. Lithuania is very special to us, our mutual history goes way back.

AirFaas is supported by investors, industrialists and top politicians in Finland and presented as a great example of the roadmap for platform economies, being one of the top subjects at industry gatherings globally.

During the launch there was a panel debate about expanding Lithuanian factory business globally, how to learn from successful B2C companies, and how to successfully adapt to the digital world.

Panel debate members:


Edgaras Leichteris 
CEO at Lithuanian Robotics Association. Building the Lithuanian robotic cluster and business/science community around it. Entering the international networks and strengthening positions at national level. Helping business and policy makers to identify industry trends, social challenges and to prepare for the future.

Rolandas Sereika 
CMO and co-founder of Deeper, one of the fastest growing tech companies in the EMEA region according to the annual prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 500 rating. Deeper is a Lithuanian company that designs, develops and produces smart electronic devices for sports and outdoor activities.

Andrejs Zagorskis 
CEO of Hidrolats. The company was initially established as Liepaja Railway Carriage Mechanical Company in 1874. Hidrolats is one of AirFaas pilot users and Andrejs shares his view on how old industrial manufacturing can survive and grow in the digital era.

Vytautas Kašėta 
Distributed crypto systems generalist, Social hacker, Next Reality visionary. Pushing Distributed Technologies and Crypto-enabled systems to power and drive Next Economy, Next Reality and Next Society movements for social responsibility and sustainable development. Currently working with Blockchain Centre Vilnius.

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Updated 6/15/2018

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