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News, 7/12/2016

Can You Hear Us?

Europe is a part of our everyday lives, in our cities, towns and municipalities. We are Europe – in our work, in our joy and in our sorrows.

We have grown up freely traveling to our sister cities, exploring new places, seeking out best practices, collaborating and living in peace. We have grown up sharing success and facing common problems. We create Europe through our everyday lives, and we must make it still better. Together.

Joensuu, in the remote European corner that is Finland, calls upon European cities, towns and municipalities – all – to join together on Thursday 28.7.2016: Please raise the European flag in your town hall or show it in any way possible and then share a picture on your city web pages and in social media.

It is easy to join – sign up your city here and show the flag on Thursday 28.07.2016!

This is Joensuu calling Europe – who is with us?

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Updated 7/12/2016

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